Solna Arenastaden Project, Stockholm
Apartments design
   The apartment complex comprises of five blocks of 700 flats spread over 21 storeys in Solna Arenastaden, in greater Stockholm overlooking Råstasjön (Råsta lake). The area will include both Sweden's National Arena, Scandinavia's largest mall, and over 2000 homes. The project includes about 700 residential and commercial trading entities. Each slat is portrayed as two slices standing on a pedestal floor consisting of business establishments. The famous Hötorgshusen situated at the city centre has been the principal point of reference for design work. In terms of detailed plan and design program, the two buildings are identical in  volume and construction but differ in window settings and color schemes. The long facades are characterized by the orientation of blocks with views to the Råstasjön. The south facade on the other hand have angled balconies and bay windows that respond to the site unique qualities.The facades at street level in a dynamic relationship to the street activities are portrayed with a greater detail than residential houses. Local portions between residential buildings are given a certain slant of the facade so as to create a sculptural quality at street level with the roofing materials and colors varied from the rest of the  residential buildings parts.
Bird's eye view
Site plan
Typical plan - residential
Transverse section
Typical section
South Elevation
North Elevation
View from the Arenasquare
Street view
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